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Robert Ray, takes an in your face approch for African Americans, white Americans, and others of all races.


Robert J. Ray is the author of "The Black and White Rationale, Why these Two Races Behave the Way They do and the Solution to the Race Problems in America." In this book, Robert Ray explains the difficulties facing African Americans, White Americans, and other races. Racial problems are not new, but Mr. Rays approach to the subject is.

Excerpt from the book,

The Black and White Race Rationale



Robert J. Ray

The Black American Race is not a genuine race. I project many people will say this is a false statement, but listen. Some examples of a genuine race are Chinese, Norwegian, Japanese, Germans and the Africans. The reason that these are genuine races is because in the beginning they were created by God, each with their own genius, their own language, their own culture, and their own way of life handed down by their ancestry.

Now, let us look at the Black American Race and see who created them. When the whites brought the Africans to this country to work as slaves they were indeed a genuine race created by God with all of the characteristics of the races mentioned above. Immediately the American White Race begin to deliberately and systematically push all of the African genius, African language, the African culture, the African way of life handed down from their ancestry, and the African religion from the center of their being to the circumference. This made sure that after one or two hundred years there would not be anything of Africa left in this race of people. If you add the Willie Lynch Brain washing process Purchase by the White Americans on the bank of the James river in 1712 to administer to the resisting African slaves you will be able to see clearly as in the noon day light that the Black American Race was created by the White American Race. Everything that the Black American Race has in him today was put there by the White American. You may ask then why can't we be in harmony together? There was one thing the White American Race was not willing to share with the Black American Race, the White Race Rationale. This guaranteed the white race would always have a higher understanding than the Black American Race. If a race of people was not created by God but by man, that race of people will not be on a solid foundation which will result in a lot of rejection from all other races. Therefore this is the rationale for this book.


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