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Robert Ray is the author of "The Black and White Rationale, Why these Two Races Behave the Way They do and the Solution to the Race Problems in America." In this book, Robert Ray explains the difficulties facing African Americans, White Americans, and other races. Racial problems are not new, but Mr. Rays approach to the subject is.

"Bob has written a book that will bring racial emotions alive and it is sure to be a controversial book! However, at times an 'in your face' approach is needed to change society. Robert Ray, takes an in your face approch for African Americans, white Americans, and others of all races."

Dahlia Patton
Co-Author of "The Widow Nancy Buck"



The Black and White Rationale

"Robert has written a book that is sure to stir up discussions in all races! He pulls no punches as he tells it like he sees it and many folks, both African Americans and whites, should give serious consideration to some of his thoughts."

W. R. Benton
Author of "War Paint"

About Robert Ray

Author of The Black and White Race Rationale


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Robert J. Ray is a professional certified substance abuse counselor and trainer of trainers. He was been in the counseling field for thirty years. He currently works at a private prison for dual diagnosis inmates as a Substance Abuse Counselor. Mr. Ray is a family herbalist who works with families who has a member with cancer, giving them information about alternative to get recovery from this disease.

He is also a Swedenborgian and a district associate of the Swedenborgian Foundation distributing free books. He also has an affection for reading, writing plays, movies, and visiting the family farm for some solitude.

"The Black and White Rationale" is Mr. Ray's first published book. Robert Ray, takes a in your face approch for African Americans, white Americans, and others of all races.



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