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Mississippi Author



About Robert Ray

Rober Ray is running for Governor of Mississippi!




Key Issues


There are many problems in Mississippi and i will fix them with my Professional Development Process.


PRISON ISSUES: My first priority is MDOC, the prison problem; MDOC has been lied about, stolen from, beaten down with no sensible solution in sight and we feed it, with no results; killing more people, causing painful mental estrangement from family, and of course life itself.


In Mississippi, we feed recidivism $321,200,000 a year, (these figures are from a recent study). This figure has grown by millions since that survey. My Profession Development Process has proven to be the only complete solution to the prison problem. While using this process at East Mississippi Correctional Facility (EMCF) I achieved a 91% success rate which means that of the 100 inmates who went through my process 91 had not returned to prison after 3-5 years. My process had saved the state of Mississippi $10,800,000 by keeping these 90+ inmates from returning to prison. My professional Development Process is the answer to Mississippi's prison problem.


EDUCATION: Education in MS is a terrible condition, we can understand this by what President Trump's Education Secretary Betty Devos said after she visited MS Schools. Without a smile she commented, "you people in MS have got to start to think out side the box and be progressive in order to get your schools in order. That is just how below standard MS schools are. My Professional Development Process will fix the education issue because it is the kind of out side of the box process needed.


HEALTH CARE: As has been mentioned in the News and statistics MS is the sickish state in the USA. I plan to introduce through my Professional Development Process ways for the citizens of MS to take responsibility for their own health. MS citizens can no longer abuse their health and then expect a Doctor to save you from dying of some disease. My process will teach MS citizens to practice prevention when it comes to their health. That old wise saying, an once of prevention is worth a pound of cure is genuinely true.


ECONOMIC: Mississippi is slowly but surely headed for bankruptcy because the lowest paying jobs in the Nation; because there is not enough big businesses willing to build their company in MS because of racism and a confederate flag flying higher than the American flag. No multi-billion dollar company will risk building their company in a state where the two races who will be punching the time clock who hate each other and one who might sneak in a shotgun and try to kill the other race. My Professional Development Process will fix the race and flag problem. Then you will see businesses racing to build in MS because we have the best weather, flat solid land and feature no other state has which MS will have is professional workers trained through my process waiting to go to work.


INFRASTRUCTURE: The reason that Mississippi's infrastructure is failing, no money to repair any bridges,highways because, MS is pouring hundreds of million dollars into a criminal justice black hole thinking that this will keep MS safe. Instead MS has doomed the citizens of MS to a never ending debt to keep our future leaders and geniuses in prison for simple drug charges to multiple years at $50,000 per year per inmate. When my Professional Development Process is implemented into the prisons of MS and process these non-violent inmate into orderly productive citizen who will not return to prison upon release, this will free up millions of dollars for infrastructure repairs.


Robert Ray is the Mississippi author of "The Black and White Rationale, Why these Two Races Behave the Way They do and the Solution to the Race Problems in America." And now, his second book, "The Niggers Holy Bible is available on Amazon. "Enter in through this narrow gate so you may find the true meaning of life."


Mississippi Author



The Black and White Rationale

"Mississippi Author Robert Ray has written two books that are sure to stir up discussions in all races! He pulls no punches as he tells it like he sees it and many folks, both African Americans and whites, should give serious consideration to some of his thoughts. We need more non-fiction books of this type. "


W. R. Benton
Author of "War Paint"


Fellow Mississippi Citizens and Fellow American citizens i am asking you donate to my campaign.


There are many Black Americans whose Parents, Grandparents and Great Grandparents had to migrate to other states because of how they were being treated in Mississippi in the 40s,50s, and 60s; share cropping, where the white land owner used the black farmer to work his land for a share of the profits but, when the harvest came in the white land owner would cheat the black farmer out of his fair share. It was to painful for the black farmer to continue to put his family through so, he had to migrate to the North, West or East, wherever he had a family member or connection anything to get away from the pain and hurt of Mississippi.


Many of you Black American's relatives had to migrate from Mississippi just to survive. Many of your relatives migrated to get away from the Jim Crow laws, discrimination, racism and the lynching's. Above all to get a better job to take care of their families and millions of you are living the American dream but, the Black Americans still living in Mississippi are living in a nightmare. You Black Americans who have benefited from your Parents, Grandparents and Great-grand parents who migrated from Mississippi owe it to them and the ones who remained behind to fight the battles to live as a free Black American in Mississippi.


I will fix Mississippi with my Proven Professional Development Process that can solve all of the problems in Mississippi. Donate whatever amount you feel comfortable,


$1 $5, $10, $20, $25, $50, $100, $200, $500, $1000 and remember, y'all may live in another state but, your remains will always be in Mississippi and you might want to come back and live when i fix Mississippi with your financial support.


That's all i have to share and i am anxious to move on.



Additional Book Information

Excerpt from the non-fiction book, The Black and White Race Rationale


The Black American Race is not a genuine race. I project many people will say this is a false statement, but listen. Some examples of a genuine race are Chinese, Norwegian, Japanese, Germans and the Africans. The reason that these are genuine races is because in the beginning they were created by God, each with their own genius, their own language, their own culture, and their own way of life handed down by their ancestry.

Now, let us look at the Black American Race and see who created them. When the whites brought the Africans to this country to work as slaves they were indeed a genuine race created by God with all of the characteristics of the races mentioned above. Immediately the American White Race begin to deliberately and systematically push all of the African genius, African language, the African culture, the African way of life handed down from their ancestry, and the African religion from the center of their being to the circumference.

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"Bob has written two non-fiction books that will bring racial emotions alive and they are sure to be controversial books! However, at times an 'in your face' approach is needed to change society. Mississippi author Robert Ray, takes an in your face approach for African Americans, white Americans, and others of all races."

Dahlia Patton
Co-Author of "The Widow Nancy Buck


The Niggers Holy Bible, by Robert J. Ray

Of all the numberless books written about the Black Race through the centuries, none can be considered more rationally valid than The Niggers' Holy Bible. Others have focused on how Niggers arrived to the state they are in or how they can become more like the White Race. Of all the races who have come to America, the Niggers are the only race without their own God, Church and religion. Any race of people who do not have their own God to worship, Church to dwell in and a religion to live in will never be on a solid foundation and will never find true genuine happiness. All the other races who came to America brought with them their God, Church and religion and were allowed to worship as they pleased.


The Africans were the only race denied this freedom so they were forced to become niggers with no God, Church or religion. Moving from slaves to niggers and forced to embrace The White Holy Bible God, Church and religion. Anything forced upon a race will not endure forever. THE Niggers Holy Bible is given by God The Infinite Man to free the soul of all Niggers from bondage of The white Holy Bible People. Come forth all you niggers and enter in through this narrow gate so you may find the true meaning of life.

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The Niggers Holy Bible






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See Book 2, The Niggers Holy Bible

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