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Robert Ray is the Mississippi author of "The Black and White Rationale, Why these Two Races Behave the Way They do and the Solution to the Race Problems in America." In this non-fiction book, Robert Ray explains the difficulties facing African Americans, White Americans, and other races. Racial problems are not new, but Mr. Rays approach to the subject is.


"Bob has written a non-fiction book that will bring racial emotions alive and it is sure to be a controversial book! However, at times an 'in your face' approach is needed to change society. Mississippi author Robert Ray, takes an in your face approach for African Americans, white Americans, and others of all races."


Dahlia Patton
Co-Author of "The Widow Nancy Buck"

Mississippi Author



The Black and White Rationale

"Mississippi Author Robert Ray has written a book that is sure to stir up discussions in all races! He pulls no punches as he tells it like he sees it and many folks, both African Americans and whites, should give serious consideration to some of his thoughts. We need more non-fiction books of this type. "

W. R. Benton
Author of "War Paint"




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Excerpt from the non-fiction book, The Black and White Race Rationale


The Black American Race is not a genuine race. I project many people will say this is a false statement, but listen. Some examples of a genuine race are Chinese, Norwegian, Japanese, Germans and the Africans. The reason that these are genuine races is because in the beginning they were created by God, each with their own genius, their own language, their own culture, and their own way of life handed down by their ancestry.

Now, let us look at the Black American Race and see who created them. When the whites brought the Africans to this country to work as slaves they were indeed a genuine race created by God with all of the characteristics of the races mentioned above. Immediately the American White Race begin to deliberately and systematically push all of the African genius, African language, the African culture, the African way of life handed down from their ancestry, and the African religion from the center of their being to the circumference.

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